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Over the summer, students often either take a break from USACO or they do more of it, now that school is over. For students who want to take their skill to the next level and want to promote multiple divisions for the next season, practicing over the summer is one of the most powerful decisions you can make.

With the right tools and practice ethic, you can easily make the same changes what students at USACO Tutor make during the season. That means going from silver to gold in a month, or gold to platinum in a few months. 

Since Summer is such a large deposit of time, which students don’t normally have during the school year, Tutoring along with applying this time to USACO can easily magnify results and your skill will exponentially grow. Tutoring gives you the right resources with unparalleled experience from teachers who know how to explain problems intuitively to guide you in the problem solving process. And by taking advantage of the time over the summer, you can make great changes.

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USACO Tutor was founded by real and current USACO competitors who have cracked the code to promote to your target division. Not only do we have thousands of hours of experience, but we are also constantly learning and seeking ways to improve our own skill. That means that we’re always up to date on the newest topics, and our curriculum is refreshed every year.

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Founding Partner

David Yang

USACO is tough

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David is currently in the USACO Platinum Division.

Revolutionizing USACO Education

David started USACO Tutor because he cares. After attending 2 classes from other companies, he hated it. That’s why he’s here. He cares.

We at USACO Tutor know what your child needs to advance to the next division. We’ve done it with ourselves, and we’ve replicated our success with tens of students. 

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USACO Tutor is a company started from the origin roots of USACO, or Competitive Programming. We’ve cracked the formula for USACO divisions, and we’re still learning how to transcend that.

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USACO Tutor’s Founder believes in Growth and Intellectual Thirst. Every one of us has a thirst for knowledge, and we should use that to grow: across all of the dimensions of humanity.