About Us

Hello! Read our founding story, and our current faculty.

Core Values

Training programs for USACO are flawed. Instructors do not slow down for students. It almost feels that they are reading off a prewritten solution. What’s the point in that?

David built USACO Tutor from the ground up because he had a mission: to revolutionize the educational space for these programming classes. He knows what it’s like to be part of a bad class. He doesn’t wish that on anybody else.

Our values are built off of trust. Trust is more important than any other value. That’s why we offer Free Diagnostic Exams and Free Trial Classes to prospective customers. That’s why we pay all of our Faculty. Because your trust is far more important than anything. 

Prompt & Reliable Services

Our Faculty is paid. That means we don’t use T.A’s, Volunteers, or whatever else they call it. This ensures the highest quality service, every single time. The CEO is also notified of all messages, and makes sure that somebody gets to it within 48 hours. Time is important.

Our Faculty is vetted, and we only hire the most talented and distinguished Instructors. We also require that ALL teachers must have recent USACO experience, otherwise, we’ve found that they’re pretty useless.

Faculty ❣️

David Yang

CEO of USACO Tutor
David started USACO Tutor because he cares. After attending 2 classes from other companies, he hated it. That's why he's here. He cares.
David manages the Day-To-Day Operations of UT.

Anthony Kung

IGA, the International Group of Anthony:
is a 7-Year Old Website Development Company, with 300+ projects and 200+ clients on retainer.

Chloe Wang

USACO Tutor Board & Angel Investor
UC Davis '23
Investor, an aspiring businesswoman, passionate about much - business, robotics, arts, and trying new experiences among them.