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About Us

Training programs for USACO are flawed. Instructors do not slow down for students. It almost feels that they are reading off a prewritten solution. What’s the point in that?

David built USACO Tutor from the ground up because he had a mission: to revolutionize the educational space for these programming classes.

He knows what it’s like to be part of a bad class where progress just isn’t being made.

What makes USACO Tutor different from other programs is our 1:1 customized learning approach. The tutor assesses where you currently are, and what steps you need to take to advance to your target division.


Accelerating Students

The Team

David Yang

Founding Partner


I run the components of USACO Tutor. Platinum '20 December 🙂

Chloe Wang

Board of Directors


A lot of people helped me too, so I want to give that back into the world 😀

Anthony Kung

Board of Directors


I have to deal with David every week when he asks some dumb question about web dev! ... smh 😛