Bronze Classes


Students are able to access office hours. No set schedule, but instructors are always available if requested. Same curriculum as our flagship 10 Week Class.


Your time, Your terms

$379 $ 179
  • Elite Curriculum
  • Professionally Curated

  • Promote to Silver
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Work on your own time, your terms.

Weekly 90 minute classes. Rigorous curriculum. Flagship class.

Our instructors are trained with Student-First mindset, so no child is left behind.

12 Week Class

12 Week Rigor

$ 379
  • 90 Minute Classes
  • Weekly on Zoom, Time TBA

  • Promote to Silver
  • Our students move onto the silver division with successful completion of the class.

  • Engaging Learning
  • Students LOVE our classes. We're clear, and we put the student first.

8 hour replies