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About Us

Training programs for USACO are flawed. Instructors do not slow down for students. It almost feels that they are reading off a prewritten solution. What’s the point in that?

David built USACO Tutor from the ground up because he had a mission: to revolutionize the educational space for these programming classes.

He knows what it’s like to be part of a bad class where progress just isn’t being made.

What makes USACO Tutor different from other programs is our 1:1 customized learning approach. The tutor assesses where you currently are, and what steps you need to take to advance to your target division.


Accelerating Students

The Team

Adam Z

Tutor for Bronze - Platinum

USACO Platinum

Adam is actually busy right now, so you can't book him.

Quang O

Tutor for Silver - Platinum

USACO Platinum & IOI Bronze

University is hard 🙁

Neko N

Tutor for Gold+

USACO Platinum

Neko doesn't have time this month.

Martin L

Tutor for Bronze - Gold


I hold the good personal values of hard work, morals, and integrity. I have made some accomplishments in the past but I am still humbled. A person could lie cowering in fear or facing it, but in the end, nothing matters.

Stefan D

Tutor for Bronze - Platinum

USACO Platinum

I am Stefan and I am a 20 year old university student who has been involved in USACO and Competitive Programming for 7+ years. As a teacher, I skillfully adapt to each student's needs, using my experience with the USACO competitions both as a contestant and as a teacher in order to accelerate you.

David Yang

Founding Partner


I run the components of USACO Tutor. Platinum '20 December 🙂

Chloe Wang

Board of Directors


A lot of people helped me too, so I want to give that back into the world 😀

Anthony Kung

Board of Directors


I have to deal with David every week when he asks some dumb question about web dev! ... smh 😛

Nguyen Xuan Tung

Director of International Outreach


International Grandmaster on Codeforces

Gold or Above?